Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I post?

All paid accounts support posting. You can't post with a trial account.

Does posting cost me bandwidth?

No, posting data is not counted against your block/fup data.

Do you refund?

No, we need the money :p.

The profit margins on Usenet aren't big for us and most money directly flows to our investments in hardware.

If you aren't happy with your subscription please contact us on support so we can get your feedback, we always try to work something out. ;)

My download speed is slow

This can have multiple issues, if you want to help us get your speed up please contact the support with the following info:

  1. Please test if changing the hostname to improves your speed (IPv4/IPv6 test)
  2. Please test if changing the hostname to improves your speed (Antivirus test)
  3. Your average download speed when downloading one of the NZBs from:
  4. Your up/down speed from: (Click on "Begin test your preferred server")
  5. Traceroute to

    Howto traceroute (Windows) Howto traceroute (MacOS)

With this information we can find out whether it's a transit issue, you trying to download stuff that's removed (NTD) or a bug on our platform.

What we save about you?

Mainly what we share with you on the dashboard.

  • Your IP-address
  • Amount of articles downloaded
  • Amount of articles not found
  • Amount of articles posted
  • Amount of bytes downloaded
  • Amount of bytes sent (every byte you sent)
  • When your IP connected/authenticated/closed
To be clear: We do NOT log the articles you are reading/posting.

In case you use a payment method like iDeal/PayPal:

  • Your full name
  • Your country
Don't want us to know these last two? Use Bitcoin as payment method.

And you save this information forever?

Nah ;)

After 3month's we anonymize the data (removing your IP) andgrouping it in our statistics.

Do I get billed for header traffic?

Yes, a header-platform is expensive and we want to treat everyone the sameby letting them pay for what they use. So by doing more header traffic you support the maintenance costs we have for this. :)

I paid for X but want Y, now what?

Please contact support and explain what you ordered/wanted to order. We'll fixit manually for you. :)

Do you do NTD/DMCA?

Yes, we remove illegal content when reported. This can be applied trough our NTD-form at

What happens if I start a new payment with an existing still active?

It should get queued to get activated once your current payment expires, there are two exceptions to this:

  • If you pay for another block both will be merged to one
  • If you pay for a subscription while having a block active we'll move your remaining GBs to get activated once your subscription is finished.

What's up with your cluster/platform?

We are exchanging the full usenet feed where we have 3500+days on text completion and we store frequently requested binaries as long as possible with our unique algorithm.

We have peering agreements with other (big) usenet providers and exchange the full usenet feed.

Why aren't you replying to my email?

Oh my, that's not intentional! We try to reply to every ticket in +- 24hours. If we haven't replied in 24 hours it sounds there might have happended something  wrong between your email and our ticket system.

Okay now what?

  • Please try a second time sending us an email, the address is :)
  • Gmail address? whitelist our domain.
  • Still no reply? You can contact us on Reddit.

    Please tell your email and when you sent the email so we can investigateand we can help you through reddit :).

How do I cancel my subscription?

You don't, as we have no automatic recurring payments. When you don't pay us we won't bill you. Regarding your account: it remains active and after +- 1month  all your traffic details are removed and the account remains available for future use.

What is account sharing?

For the To The Max (TTM) and Block-products we offer the possibility you share your account with friends (saving you money as you can buy Usenet access together).

Below is an overview of the amount of people that can use Usenet at the same time with the same account.

ProductUser limitMax ConnsExplanation
Stingy140Sorry, only you.
To the Max (TTM)240You and a buddy of you
Block50Unlimited friends!

NOTE: Please be aware that max conns is the maximum of connections  you can have together. I.e. for  TTM 40 conns would mean you can use 20 and your friend the remaining 20. (20+20=40)

No route to host

This can occur in regards to IPv6 or our supercool .farm-domain.

Please try changing the hostname( into any of the following:

  • (forcing your client to IPv4)
  • (using an `oldfashion` EU-domain)

Spotnet: Invalid domain

Unfortunately Spotnet doesn't support our supercool .farm-domain.

Please try changing the hostname( into the following: