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Why Usenet.Farm?

We believe it's time for a fresh wind on the Usenet landscape!

Cool dashboard

We love statistics about our usage of services we use. So we created a dashboard for you to see your usage of our platform!

Transparent and Listening

We're focussed on you, meaning we don't hide our upstreams, don't offer services you don't need. We try to be a good listener to what YOU need.

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Do we have our own platform?

Yes, we have +- 30days of retention on our own machines.

Who's our upstream?

If we can't find it on our own platform we check XSNews/Highwinds for the article.

What else?

Want more info? Have a look at our FAQ.


Speed matters to us, from our website to the NNTP services!

Anonymous Usenet!

We only save your name and country. Want even more privacy? With BitCoin we know nothing about you!

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